Benefits of Impact Investing
Benefits of Impact Investing

Benefits of a Systemic Approach

ACCESS: Smallholder farmers have access to sell into new and existing global markets.

SUPPORT: Training, inputs, insurance and financial lending support for smallholder farmers

SUSTAINABLE: Provide bid support for smallholder farmers, while bringing capital to enhance market efficiencies.

DEPENDABLE: WFB standardizes product and market data, increasing transparency and access to information.

EFFICIENT: The Exchange provides market transparency and price efficiencies for buyers and sellers, which dramatically increases the insurability and bankability of smallholder farmer

WFB Operating Principles

WFB’s Operating Principles are comprised of three pillars of excellence:

  • Globally Recognized Standards and Grades
  • Networked Global Commodity Storage
  • Efficient Financial and Operational Market Linkage

Current Projects

Soya Solutions East Africa Ltd.

Location: Lira, Uganda

Company Stage: Startup

Business Summary:

The lack of protein in the African animal and human food chain has been identified as a significant hindrance to development. Soya production and processing has been highlighted by global development leaders as a key priority for Africa given the low current production levels and high needs for protein. WFB has partnered with Soya Solutions East Africa Ltd. to jointly strengthen soya production sources and to develop a processing facility in Lira to annually produce 4,000 metric tons of soya cake and oil for sale in the Kenyan and Ugandan feed markets. It is expected that over 5,000 local farmers (the majority women) will produce soya for the new facility, creating new income sources and improved nutrition for their families.

WFB Infrastructure

Location: Uganda

Company Stage: Development

Business Summary:

WFB is developing infrastructure both at its head office level and country levels to leverage the Uganda program to create regional capability, operating local grain sourcing, storage and sales platforms, and processing operations to:

  • Improving food quality
  • Increasing the protein available in Uganda
  • Supporting price stabilization
  • Increasing productivity and availability of grain supply
  • Increasing smallholder farmers/family farmers income

Hoima Farm

Location: Kingdom of Bunyoro, Uganda

Company Stage: New Venture

Business Summary:

WFB is demonstrating an ecosystem approach to feeding the world more efficiently, with limited risk, strong returns on investment, and sustainable social impact through a Farm Investment, Hoima Farms. WFB is leasing 5,200 acres of prime land from the King of Bunyoro and managed by a professional farm management group, FarmRite, to produce high grade soya, beans, rice and maize, and to test seed varieties and fertilizer. The farm rests upon the boarder of a refugee camp allowing refugees to be hired and trained on the farm, as well as local family farmers.


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