Zero Hunger Formula
Zero Hunger Formula


We’re excited to announce the World Food Bank’s latest initiative, The Zero Hunger Formula.

The Zero Hunger Formula is an interactive, data-driven website providing access to the latest facts and figures related to agriculture, hunger, and food security from across the globe. This website allows users to not only access this information, but to collaborate with others from any country across the world.


We can eliminate hunger on the planet. And, in doing so, we can not only find ways to produce enough food for every person across the globe, we can also lift the world’s poorest farmers from poverty to middle income, creating a global economic boom like nothing ever seen before in history.
The Zero Hunger Formula is a Big Data collaboration to produce a common formula (or algorithm) to achieve this goal – a formula that will solve for both food production and poverty and, in turn, lead to improved nutrition, greater access to education, better health outcomes, and much more.


The Zero Hunger Formula begins by looking at the current state and trends related to global food security. We then determine where we need to go by defining the resources needed to feed the world and then accounting for resources we do have and we don’t have along the way. By combining this data and analysis, we will create a algorithm that will get us to Zero Hunger on the planet looking at systems of linear equations.

The Formula

The formula guidelines are below:

  • The Formula must be FLEXIBLE, as there are various agricultural value chains that must be considered. Collaborators must always look at agriculture as an integrated value chain, analyzing the entire ecosystem from soil to market;
  • The Formula must be a model for collaboration that includes government agencies, nonprofits, for-profits, sovereign funds and individual investors so that it is replicablein different cultures and communities and ultimately SCALABLE in order to generate the trillions of dollars in new development funds that are required; and
  • The Formula must create an outcome where farmers and all stakeholders in the agricultural value chain are PROFITABLE. Without creating profit across the value chain, we won’t accomplish the goal.