At the World Food Bank, our mission is to revolutionize the agricultural markets in developing nations through an innovative investment platform that empowers stakeholders across sectors and creates efficiencies in food production and finance. Using extended shelf-life foods as our core asset, the World Food Bank leverages a standardized trading market and operates much like a bank. Our dried food products are held in reserve in a network of strategic locations around the globe and are available for purchase when and where food is needed to normalize volatility in local food markets that are facing shortages due to market inefficiencies, environmental issues, or humanitarian crises.

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World Food Bank is a core sponsor of SYLO Foundation. SYLO Foundation needs your help to help provide emergency food and to help food systems flourish in developing markets. Learn more below.

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From soil to irrigation, from harvest to transport, from storage to financing, the World Food Bank seeks to integrate all sectors within our global agriculture systems and create a balanced and mutually-beneficial ecosystem that lifts small holder farmers out of poverty and allows for the efficient distribution of food to those who need it. Learn more about our Ecosystem Benefits for producers, consumers, resellers, financial institutions, and more.

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