This article was originally featured on the Enterprise website and can be found here.


How about something positive to consider for the weekend? We are on the way to ending world hunger. There is an incredible number of technologies, programs, and projects dedicated to the resolution of global hunger. Many of these have catalyzed the reduction of child mortality from around 33,000 children dying per day in 1990, to now only 21,000 children dying per day. I don’t think anyone is comfortable saying ‘only’, when any child dying. That would be horrible. These numbers, by all accounts, are still way, way too high.

Although, we are moving in the right direction, the need now is for an integrated solution. What if farmers could have dependable off-takers (buyers) when market prices are low? What if governments and relief agencies could have more food available when and where it is needed, to take care of those most vulnerable? We believe that the world’s small hold farmers will be the providers of the food for refugees and disaster victims in the future. It is a fairly simple ecosystem, with all of the parts now working independently. We would love to have you join us as we bring these parts together to end world hunger once and for all.