Book Review: The Code of Trust

The Code of Trust

By Robin Dreeke and Cameron Stauth
A former US Marine, and a member of a Counterintelligence Behavior Analysis program, Robin Dreeke shares real life stories to explain how he went from just understanding the many dynamic aspects of interpersonal communication to changing the way he thought and consequently how he acted to become a person who inspires trust.
As our leadership team now expands across Europe and Africa, it is incredibly important that we at the World Food Bank are a company made of people who inspire trust.  I had the distinct pleasure of having dinner recently with one of our incredible board members, former US Army Chief of Staff and Four Star General, Dennis Reimer.   When I asked what he thought defined a great leader, Gen. Reimer only had to think for a second. Obvious it was very clear to him, he shared that it was really only two things: Character and Competence.  That was it. That is it.
As we work to be people of character and competence, understanding that we need to suspend our ego, be less judgmental, validate others, honor reason, and be generous, Dreeke’s book reminds us that being trustworthy is the compounded result of these characteristics.  Whether working with leaders who are focused on immediate personal benefits more than the people they  serve, or business partners who value revenue more than doing what is right and honorable, it seems like fewer and fewer people in the world today are worthy of trust.  The Code of Trust is required reading for WFB employees.  We hope you will check it out too.
– Richard Lackey, CEO, World Food Bank