We are thrilled to introduce one of our newest employees, George Sunga our Uganda Agronomist. George brings a longstanding career in agriculture to the World Food Bank team, as he has worked in various roles and capacities throughout the sector.

Most recently, George worked as an agronomist for Livewire Ltd., where he was responsible for soil analysis, preparing fertilizer applications based on soil reports, development of crop schedules, spray programs, and advising management to help ensure maximum crop production.

George now brings his enthusiasm for agriculture to the World Food Bank. A dynamic and motivated individual, George lives on-site at our Mbarara Farm in Uganda, where he is currently helping to see through our planting and harvesting seasons on the ground.

George says one of his goals is to excel in oversight of the application of modern and innovative agricultural practices. He also brings a passion for organizational management to the team and is a pioneer and certified facilitator of Kaizen practices, which center on guiding teams towards developing and implementing strategies for sustained growth and enhancement, eliminating waste and clarifying purpose along the way.

George received a diploma in horticulture and food security from Egerton University in Kenya and has many certificates in disciplines from computing to plant nutrition to chemical safety and more.

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