Buzz MatthewsIn 2010, Buzz Matthews helped his wife create and open a non-profit restaurant with the mission to give back to their home community of Denver, Colorado. The project aimed to nutritiously feed homeless and hungry people with dignity, through a “pay-it-forward” model.

In opening the restaurant, Buzz, whose career spans 30 years across the areas of finance, real estate development, foundation management and technology, said he the experience motivated him to shift toward doing more social impact work related to food and nutrition. “It was my first experience in understanding the power of food projects to change lives, communities and cultures,” he said.

Today, Buzz serves as the Chief of Staff of the World Food Bank and President of the Global Food Exchange, the sister company to WFB. Through this role, Buzz focuses on leadership strategies, staff development and management, and implementing systems domestically for disaster preparedness.

Buzz said he is driven to work in food security and with WFB, because of the benefits the work brings to every person across the globe.

“Food, water and agriculture are the common denominator for all. They have the power to bind people together,” he said. “In a world of increased tribalism, conflict and division, my work with WFB and GFE crosses all boundaries. I’m able to use my experience and talents purposefully to help create a better world. Not everyone can say that about their jobs.”

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