Last month, we let you know about an exciting partnership we have established with the innovative ag tech company aWhere. This month, we want to dive a little deeper into this partnership and explain how their ag intelligence systems will allow us to equip our farmers on the ground in East Africa with real-time data and predictive information, allowing them to better plan crops, harvests, irrigation systems, and more.

aWhere’s Agricultural Intelligence Platform allows farmers to view a global dataset at the field level and track hyper-local growing conditions for crop production. Through this system, farmers are able to precisely see which regions and planting seasons are most favorable for crops, check real-time data on indicators like regional moisture indexes and temperatures, and access predictive information on a number of topics to help them plan for success. aWhere’s technology gives farmers all the information they need to plan for viability and profitability.

WFB will be equipping our farmers in East Africa with access to aWhere’s Ag Data platform so they may achieve higher yields and better market prices for their crops. We’re in the process of implementing the technology now, and we look forward to bringing you more news on the outcome and progress of this partnership in 2018.