Recently, the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) released a report titled, “The Financial Performance of Impact Investing through Private Debt,” which finds that private debt currently makes up the largest asset class in impact investing, according to Forbes Magazine.

A summary of the report’s findings state: “The Financial Performance of Impact Investing Through Private Debt confirms the credibility and viability of impact investing opportunities in the private debt asset class, the largest in impact investing. The findings indicate that a wide array of investment options are available for those seeking a stable return, portfolio diversification benefits, and positive impact.”

As a private company actively working with enthusiastic impact investors who are looking to create strong financial returns, while doing good in the world, we at the World Food Bank applaud the GIIN for providing important insight into how private debt can be a force multiplier for profit and social good in the world.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our own impact investors portfolio benefits like diversity, highly-productive growing conditions, risk reduction, and generous pro forma IRRs.

To learn more about how you can put your investment dollars to work in our mission to end world hunger and create systemic change to global food systems, send us an email today.