Today, we join the world in celebrating World Food Day, as designated by the FAO, and we are big fans of this year’s campaign tagline – “A Zero Hunger world by 2030 is possible.”

At the World Food Bank, we are working diligently on our vision to end hunger on the planet during our lifetime. We know that we can reach this goal, which is why we are excited to release our latest initiative, the Zero Hunger Formula, later this month. The Zero Hunger Formula is a data-driven effort to develop a linear algorithm that will create a path to zero hunger for us all, identifying key steps and actions each sector must take to reach this goal.

Today, on World Food Day, we are all called to examine the actions we can personally take to help move this goal forward, such as pledging to waste less food, adopt a more sustainable diet, and use our voices to advocate for zero hunger.

At the World Food Bank, our work is presently focused on revolutionizing food systems in Africa, as we know that developing countries suffer most from hunger. In fact, 800 million people across the globe do not have access to enough food to lead a healthy life, and an average of 13% of the population of these countries are undernourished.

To change this, we know that collaboration among all sectors is necessary. Our model starts by addressing the conditions on the ground for farmers and projects out to touch global markets. From soil to irrigation, from harvest to transport, from storage to financing, we seek to integrate all sectors within our global agriculture systems and create a balanced and mutually-beneficial ecosystem that lifts small holder farmers out of poverty and allows for the efficient distribution of food to those who need it.

We thank the FAO for drawing the world’s attention to the issue of hunger today and for drawing attention to the fact that it is a challenge we can overcome. We hope you will join us in solving this challenge.

Please send us an email today for more information on our model and how you can get involved.




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