The World Food Bank’s Chairman and CEO Richard Lackey was honored to recently present to several distinguished guests at the United Nation’s Industrial Development Decade for Africa (IDDA) High Level Event. In his presentation, Chairman Lackey discussed the World Food Bank’s initiatives to improve access to food commodities across the globe, bolster economic conditions for smallholder farmers, and resolve food insecurities in regions affected by natural disasters and humanitarian crises. In particular, Chairman Lackey spoke about the WFB’s desire to promote market based solutions, and a desire to see UNIDO approach goals through a systematic approach that more actively involved private partners in the early stages.  WFB’s intention to work systematically, rather than programmatically, insures minimal gaps in the development process and de-risks opportunities to more readily attract the private and institutional capital needed for long-term success. In attendance at the meeting were several leaders of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, such as, UNIDO Directo Li Yong and several Presidents and Ministers.