Working with New Partners to Address Food Insecurity in Ethiopia

We are pleased to report that our leadership team recently returned from a successful trip to Ethiopia where they met with government leaders, local ministries, and nationally-recognized manufacturing companies to discuss our plans to move forward with the production of fortified cereals. WFB plans to manufacture and sell these cereals in Ethiopia in order to fill gaps in the market and provide greater access to nutritional foods for Ethiopians.

Despite the fact that the economy of Ethiopia is growing, the country still ranks as one of the least developed in the world. Economic gains have not trickled down to significant portions of the population, most notably to smallholder farmers, the majority of whom still live in abject poverty and are challenged by access to healthy foods. This issue is exacerbated by inefficient markets and a severe drought that has been plaguing the country for years.

The World Food Bank plans to be part of the solution to these challenges for years to come, and we look forward to bringing you more news about our presence in Ethiopia this spring.