World Soil Day 2017, sponsored by the FAO and Global Soil Partnership, is today Tuesday, December 5th, and this year’s theme is “Caring for the Planet Starts with the Ground.”

At the World Food Bank, we know how important healthy soil is to the livelihood and future of our planet and its inhabitants. In East Africa, we are proud to work with our partners across sectors to promote the cultivation of and access to healthy soils.

Healthy soils allow our farmers to succeed in growing the crops needed to feed the world. In East Africa, we work to educate farmers on how the productivity and health of their soils can be enhanced with organic fertilizers, irrigation, herbicides and more. We are committed to continuing this work as our operations in this region grow.

In honor of World Soil Day, we’d like to share the graphic below, which illustrates our goals and approach to revolutionizing the global food and agriculture system in order to ensure healthy soils and alleviate world hunger.

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Photo by Sushobhan Badhai on Unsplash