A few weeks ago, our friends at The Rockefeller Foundation kicked off their #SolvableSDG campaign to mark the end of the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly.

The goal of this campaign was to poll the Rockefeller community and ask them to vote for the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) they believed to be the most solvable in their lifetime.

According to their results, more than 13,000 people from 164 countries voted in the poll, and 20% of voters identified as being most optimistic about achieving zero hunger – the highest percentage of any other category. Voters were also optimistic about eliminating poverty (17%), followed by ensuring access to affordable and clean energy (15%).

At The World Food Bank, we could not be more encouraged by the findings of this poll, as our model works concretely on all three of these goals. We know that ending hunger is possible in our lifetime, and that’s why we do what we do. Through our model, we strive to solve for the issue of hunger, addressing poverty and climate change along the way.

We thank The Rockefeller Foundation for their great work highlighting this issue, and we ask you all to stay tuned for our upcoming announcement around our latest initiative, the Zero Hunger Formula.